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Learning Charisma Developing Your Sense of Presence and Purpose

By Linda Ferguson What if you never find out what you were meant to be or to do? You could live your whole life from day to day without it meaning anything in particular. You could assume that your relationships, your talents, and your achievements were random acts in a random universe. But if you […]

Overcome and Stop Drug Abuse With Hypnosis

By Joseph Clough Hypnosis is a great way of overcoming Drug abuse and drug problems. First of all we must understand the nature of drug addiction and abuse. Drug issues can arise for many reasons but ultimately breaking it down to its core it comes from escapism and habit. Escapism: Many people around the world […]

Is There a Secret to How Subliminal Messages Work?

By Trevor Johnson In answering this question how do subliminal messages work, the first thing we must find out is if subliminal messages do work. The answer depends on what kind, but there are some that work. The only kind of subliminal message that has been proven to work involves showing very brief text or […]

Improve Your Personal Skills With NLP

By Ingrid Preube Excellence is the keyword towards success in this world of extreme competition. Let it be a company executive or a self-practitioner, nobody is free from the world of competition. If you want to climb the ladder of achievement, you need to show amazing performance in your field. Otherwise you will stay where […]

Hypnosis For Children A Brief History on Hypnotherapy

By Al Roslan Hypnosis for children is certainly gaining momentum today. Many experts are agreeing that benefits are abound for children who undergo hypnotherapy sessions. Lets take a step back, before we go forward with sending children to hypnotherapy. Here is a brief lesson in history on hypnosis. There is no document that can pinpoint […]

Self Hypnosis and Motivation How Can You Increase Your Willpower?

By Seth Czerepak How would you like to know how to get the willpower that it takes to do, or to keep from doing, anything? Are you exploring the possibility of how self hypnosis might be able to make you into a whirlwind of passion, ambition and motivation? What if you could summon motivation and […]

Is a Webcam Hypnotherapy Session a Good Idea?

By Sharon Stiles I would always recommend a face to face session with a hypnotherapist if that is possible because there is no technology to contend with and you don’t have the possibility of distractions such as someone ringing the doorbell or a family member arriving home unexpectedly.  But, there are various reasons why a […]

3 NLP Tips For Weight Loss and Health

By Gary Sager Here are 3 ways to use NLP to achieve health and fitness goals. 1.) Make a positive choice for what your ideal weight and fitness level should be in a reasonable amount of time. What I learned from studying NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) is that you should not think about what you […]

Covert Hypnosis Techniques Benefit From Them

By Mark Brock As there is a significant interest in people wanting to learn how to conduct covert hypnosis techniques, it makes sense for me to give you a basic rundown of what covert hypnosis actually is; for your benefit. The basic description of what covert hypnosis is is simply the art of communicating with […]

Subtle, Silent and Speedy Ways You Can Instantly Hypnotize Anyone With a Simple Handshake

By Nathan Thomas One of the most effective ways of hypnotizing people is called a pattern interrupt. When you break a natural and ingrained pattern, such as a handshake, people become confused and just begin to trance out now. These techniques are used to great effect to instantly drop people on stage by stage hypnotists, […]