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Becoming Your Best Self Easily and Effortlessly Make it Happen!

By Louise Kaelin If we’re working on becoming our best self, we almost always have goals that we’re trying to manifest, as that is part of the process. What I find really interesting is that it’s not enough to want what we want, we also have a need to manifest our desired object easily and […]

Penetrating the Veils of Self Deception

By Robert E Darby The Textures Of Life The Human species has raised self deception and denial to an art form, but how and maybe more importantly why? I can tell already that this will not be the easiest article I’ve ever written and probably won’t be the easiest to read. But regardless of the […]

Your Day is Coming Soon

By Scott Wimberly Is life being difficult for you? Are you going through stuff that you can’t for the life of you understand why you are going through it? Do you see those around you and it looks like they have it all together; yet your life seems to be falling apart right before your […]

The Secret of Letting Go

By Janet Grace Ortigas Letting go is very challenging and it is irrespective of whether it’s from addiction, mistakes, failures, or disappointments because it requires a lot of courage, patience, and determination on your part. But, whatever past you may have, it is possible to let go of the situation, experience or trauma. What matters […]

The Innate Magnetism and Power of Focus

By Joshua Silva FOCUS can be defined as concentration of attention. To be focussed in life means to concentrate your attention, efforts, energies and abilities towards achieving your desired end. If you have ever stayed around most rich, successful and fulfilled people, you’ll not fail to notice that they exude a kind of contagious presence […]

Free Flowing Thoughts to Talk About Progression Resistance

By Frankie Cooper Being consistent moving in a forward direction making progress accomplishing whatever you want. It will need to be reasonable if continued success is to be made. Expect to fight for what you want because resistance will be in the way. All types of obstacles will be in place as run a race […]

Truthful and Casual Or Lying and Professional

By ONeil Greaves A friend of mine once asked me, whom would you rather to do business with? Someone whom is more laid back and offers advice from a friendship point of view or someone whom is always looking professionally sharp but does not have any interest in having casual conversations with you. The advice […]

How to Deal With Your Inner Demons

By Dion Daly Could it be that your inner demons and beliefs about yourself are what are preventing you from being the person you really want to be? Maybe the biggest provider to making you the person you are now, are your past experiences. If you think about it everyone makes decision based on what […]

Life After 50 Defeating Our Physical Limitations

By Richard A Haynes Life after 50 does not get any easier in fact, if we have not properly taken care of our physical and mental habits that have led us down the street of despair, we will find the battle has just begun. We as individuals tend to focus on the things we cannot […]

Are We Like Indian Labor Elephants?

By Desiree Steinmann Beliefs are assumptions or statements that we have assembled over many years – consciously and unconsciously. They are established through personal experiences that influence our future. We often limit ourselves with beliefs such as, for example: “we are not good enough, or not pretty enough, or too young or too old”. All […]