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The Way to Success is Positive Thinking!

By Ricky Gill When you think positive it provides so many things. Such as, satisfaction, happiness, enhanced relationships, achievements and also much better health. And which attracts others about thinking positively is that it helps the daily matters of your life, shift and also proceed it an easier way. Thinking Positive is actually known to […]

Mean World

By Rima Khalil So we wake up every day, every morning with the same routine we choose, and we all live in our own little world. In fact we create our own world and we choose who we want to share it with. But sometimes life takes us up in a roller coaster and show […]

Winning Vocabulary For Success

By Ellen Bothwick Positive Vocabulary. “Never talk defeat. Use words like hope, belief, faith, victory.” Norman Vincent Peale So far we have looked at excellence beliefs and how they underpin all successful people. Positive beliefs can be seen as the foundation of success, we are now going to look at the successful vocabulary that peak […]

Thinking Positive Thoughts

By Adrian Gunter When it comes to mindsets or ways of thinking we usually have a good grasp of what pessimism is but still get confused with optimism. We are well aware that pessimism is being negative no matter what. We know that it’s rejecting the positive side of all things. However, it doesn’t conversely […]

Mental Toughness 3 Steps to Mental Strength

By David Daye As you read this article you are going to learn 3 steps you can take to develop your mental toughness and improve your mental strength to help overcome your doubts and fears. It is a sad fact of life in today’s world that mental health issues have a social stigma attached and […]

12 Step Program For Negative Thinkers

By Wendy Merron I received an email from a woman recently who mentioned that she is a “Recovering Negative Thinker”. Reading this brought up images of support groups and 12 Step Programs. Gee…I’m sure one already exists, I thought. After searching Google I realized that there just isn’t a good 12 Step program for all […]

Your Insane If You Dont Think Positive

By Jonathan Figaro Without positive thinking you can’t live the life you really want. Use these three step to excel you life in a positive direction with supreme confidence. Identify your thoughts What are you thinking about right now which is making you feel inferior? Identifying the problem is the first step to solving the […]

Optimism, Lets Look on the Bright Side of Life

By Cindy J Stone To be optimistic means that we should at all times try to feel good about ourselves and our circumstances, and make the most of what we have regardless of any negative external influences and circumstances. Most of the time, our attitude determines our behavior; therefore it is essential that we keep […]

The 30 day Mind Cleanse

By Sunny Doench Generally, when people speak about doing a “cleanse”, they are referring to a physical detoxification of some sort. It takes a firm, resolute commitment since it is a challenging experience, but it usually offers wonderful, health results. The body’s health and wellness is paramount for quality life. But, even more so – […]

Is Positive Thinking Positive Or White Wash?

By Dino Delano Without truth, it is not possible to respond with positive action. Without the knowledge that the drinking water contains poison, people die, without realizing that we are being sold a house with a shoddy foundation we end up with a broken home. Knowledge of a disease is not a negative it is […]