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3 Speed Reading Tips You Can Use Right Away

By Waller Jamison You need to get the best out of your study time and that means creating the optimum conditions for your speed reading session. To increase the benefits you gain from speed reading, try these three tips. Tip #1 Choose the Best Place to do your Speed Reading One of the most important […]

Speed Reading Do Grade Students Need to Learn to Speed Read?

By Waller Jamison If you are an A student, do you need to learn how to speed read? It depends on whether or not you want more time. And if you are like most people, you could use some extra free time, either to enjoy your leisure interests or to study more subjects. And let’s […]

Speed Reading Tactics What is the Relationship of Speed to Comprehension?

By Ed Caldwell As someone begins the journey to learn speed reading immediately speed takes center stage. The learner knows something must change, and engages in exercises to move the eyes more efficiently. This initial approach is sound up to a point. However, the learner can often get overwhelmed and frustrated and then give up […]

Speed Learning For Soldiers and Other Professionals

By Doug Setter With technology changing faster than ever in our history, it is important for the professional soldier to absorb new knowledge fast. Unfortunately, weeks and months of grunt work can leave the gray matter out of practice. Not to worry, there are a few tricks that can catch the soldier or anyone motivated […]