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The Magic of Weekly Planning

By Suzi Elton Do you ever wonder how it is that some people seem to get so much done while you seem to just stay bogged down in repetitive and inconsequential activities? Do you ever compare yourself to these dynamos and realize you both have the same amount of time in a week or a […]

How Long Does it Take to Break a Habit Completely?

By Trevor Johnson According to statistics, it takes about a month and a half to break a habit. It also takes approximately a month and a half to make a habit. If you are thinking of breaking a habit, there is hope. Yes, a habit can be broken, at least temporarily. The question is what […]

Feel Better Right Now in Two Easy Steps

By Charlon Bobo One of my personal success secrets is an action-item that so simple, it’s one of my core, go-to life tools. When you feel anything that simply ‘doesn’t feel good’ do two things IMMEDIATELY: 1. Find a way to feel better in this moment Using a scale of 1-10 assess your current level […]

Learn How to Pay Attention

By Trevor Johnson Many people have focusing problems, you don’t have to feel alone whether you occasionally can’t pay attention, or have trouble focusing and paying attention all the time. You can learn how to pay attention by using a few different tools, and slowly but surely increase your attention span. Focusing exercises are one […]

How to Increase Patience Easily

By Trevor Johnson There are many tools you can learn in order to understand how to increase patience and easily. But if you don’t use the tools, they can’t help you. The biggest thing you’re going to have to do in order to increase your patience is to recognize when you’re losing your patience in […]

How Does the Sedona Method Work?

By Trevor Johnson Do you want an easy way to let go of feelings that are unwanted and only cause pain? If so, the Sedona Method is said to be that technique. Let go of feelings that may have been bottled up inside of you for years. A very easy to learn and simple technique […]

Overwhelmed? Go Simple Instead of Going Complex Make Different Choices

By Meggin McIntosh If you want to diminish your ‘overwhelm,’ one option is to go simple rather than complex. The sheer number of choices you encounter every day can overwhelm anyone. This article gives you some ideas┬árelated to making one more choice, but it is the choice to┬ádecide on a simpler life whenever possible. Believe […]

Win Any Argument With Advanced Argument Persuasion Methods

By Lincoln Carr There is absolutely nothing more frustrating than being stuck in argument that seems to have no clear resolution. Whether you’re clashing with your romantic partner, a family member, a professional colleague, or someone else, arguing in endless circles can be a massive waste of time that, if taken too far, can cause […]

Breathing Your Troubles Away The Way You Breathe Can Heal and Transform Your Life

By Marilyn B. Gordon The breath has the capacity to ease pain and soften tension.When you concentrate on breathing, your mind is able to gather together all its scattered energies. Your mind becomes much more focused, quiet, and clear. In fact, when you focus on your breathing, you are in the present, in the here […]

Methods of Persuasion 3 Simple Yet Powerful Tips to Persuade Anyone

By Michael Lee These days, being adept on the different methods of persuasion is the key to success. Whether you’re a student who is trying to make it to the dean’s list, or a regular employee trying to earn a promotion, having the power of persuasion will help you reach your goals. There are many […]