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Sexy Panties and Womens Underwear For the Seductive You

By Sumi Albert A Chinese proverb reads this way, “Panties are not the best thing on earth, but next to best thing on earth”. Women’s underwear is an essential piece of lingerie as well as a tool for that seducing game. Don’t forget panties can reflect your outlook and mood and act as fabulous confidence […]

Bare Necessities Coupon Some Information About It

By Alcott Mcewan Bare-necessities has launched the bare-necessities coupon so that all their customers can benefit from the great discounts that they get while shopping with the help of these coupons on the online platform. Bare-necessities covers a lot of products for women that include all types of innerwear, swim suits, night wear and what […]

Why Every Woman Needs Some Sexy Lingerie

By Jeremiah Thomas Whether it is hanging in your closet or hidden in your dresser drawer, every women needs some sexy lingerie; it is necessary to have. It does not matter whether a woman is married, dating, or single. Lingerie can spice up a love life or help unleash the inner love goddess in us […]

Choosing Intimate Clothing to Last All Night at Home

By Christiana Lee A night in, away from the crowds can be just as exciting as a night on the town. In the privacy of your own home you can create a fantasy world that entices the imagination and explores more than just possibilities. Imagine a quiet evening at home watching a movie and snuggling […]

How You Can Save on Lingerie

By Joe Deacon The words “lingerie” and “expensive” are often seen together. Still, most women would not mind getting their hands on some. After all, lingerie items are not only attractive, they also make women feel confident. Self-confidence is the key to a woman feeling sexy. In many cases, great lingerie can transform a shy […]

Lingerie Shops

By Susette Browne When I think of lingerie shops, two shops always stand out in my mind. These two shops are Fredrick’s of Hollywood and Victoria Secret. These two shops carry some of the finest and sexiest lingerie in the world. Even though some of their products differ in a certain way you just can’t […]

Setting Up a Lingerie Shop

By Susette Browne When going into the business of setting up of a lingerie shop, one thing comes to mind and that is “Ladies.” But if you read the earlier pages on this web site you would know that would be a mistake to focus only on women lingerie. In this case the focus is […]

Why You Wear the Wrong Bra Size

By Tiffany Hart If there is anything a woman knows absolutely, it is her bra size. At least she thinks she knows it. The sad truth is between 70 and 80 percent of all women wear the wrong bra size. Most of us have heard of this by now, but why exactly do we have […]

Bra Review The Chantelle Senso 2701 T Shirt Bra

By Tiffany Hart The recession is such these days that finding clothing that can fill multiple needs is a necessity. To this end, Chantelle offers a bra that simply is flexible, yet excellent. If you want a bra that goes anywhere, you want the Chantelle Senso 2701 T-Shirt Bra!  The Chantelle Senson 2701 T-Shirt Bra […]

The Season of Love

By Pamela Rathlou The Season of Love is upon us. This is a time when people seem to feel more comfortable in expressing themselves romantically. Suddenly the “special” lingerie comes out of the depths of the dresser and flowers and chocolates are offered to soften the heart and heighten the senses.  People seem more relaxed […]