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Become a Pet Nanny and Travel the World For, Well, Almost For Free

By Nicholas C. A pet nanny, or pet sitter rather is someone who takes the place temporarily of the existing home owner while they are away. This may be for reasons of a sabbatical, business trip, or the owner may just need a vacation away from it all. Enter the affectionate proxy that can help […]

Easily Report and Replace a Lost Or Stolen Passport

By J. Ben Pate An individual must bring a passport when traveling outside of the United States. This document serves as proof of identity for every United States citizen and travel beyond the U.S. borders cannot be done without it. A lost or stolen passport while traveling will prevent the passbook holder from being readmitted […]

What to Look For When Booking Travel Online

By Steve F Campbell When using a website to book a holiday or vacation, you should considering pricing the individual components, e.g. flights, car rental, hotel etc separately to make sure you are getting a good deal. Prices can vary significantly, so comparison shopping on several sites could be a distinct advantage. If you favor […]

Chauffeur Hire

By Mohsin A. Luxury vehicles, such as a sedan or limousine, need a person to drive it. A chauffeur is a person who is hired to drive these luxury cars. Earlier, chauffeurs were hired as personal full-time servants to drive the luxury vehicle of the owner. However, now a Chauffeur is hired through chauffeur hire […]

Top Reasons to Use a Airport Limousine Service

By Azfar Khan When you are going to be using the airport to travel from one destination to another it is a good idea to think about using an airport limousine to help you get from the airport to wherever you need to go. There are many reasons why using a limousine from the airport […]

5 African Gap Year Experiences You Could Never Dream of Having Back Home

By Mark Bottell The African bush is full of adventure, which is probably one of the main reasons that people head there in the first place. Another reason is that you’ll get to experience things on your gap year that you could never experience back home. Here are a few of the experiences that will […]

Bamboo Grove, Gangtok

By Anjela Rock Gangtok, famous as the capital city of Sikkim with a residents of approximately 50,000 has come into sight as the chief tourist destination as far as the Tourism Industry is concerned. With the increasing number of tourists visiting this little Himalayan state every year the numerous hotels have also come up that […]

South Africas FIFA World Cup 2010

By Andre Gunther The tension is reaching the breaking point as South Africa prepares to host the 2010 Soccer World Cup. The stadiums are completed and already have hosted pre-cup games. Major upgrades in the hospitality and transport sectors have come on line, the Rainbow Nation is ready, and South Africa will continue to benefit […]

Hire Limos

By Mohsin A. People prefer to buy or rent a car not only for the reason that they are more comfortable than others, but because these cars can make them distinguished from others. Nowadays limos have become a status symbol. May be there is not even one person on earth who does not hear the […]

Great Barrier Reef Tour Ideas

By Tina Sherman The Great Barrier Reef is an awesome place to be if you are planning on traveling to tropical beaches. It stretches over 1000 miles along the coast of Queensland Australia and is composed of 3000 individual reefs and 900 islands. In Australia, this place is known as the Blue Outback and this […]