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Executive Air Charter on Private Jets

By John Routledge To sell executive air charter to the businessman, business jets for air charter London and South East England invariably boast good interior design. Can luxury and creativity coexist comfortably with compact functionality and safety? When you examine the interior designs of business jets, you have to say yes. For a total price […]

Quiet Aircraft For 21st Century

By Bhujanga Rao Vepakomma Noise levels dictate future aircraft design! While studying physiological effects of noise on human beings, it came to light that sales of tranquilizers, sleeping pills, antacids and cardio-vascular, anti-hypertensive drugs increased after an exposure to aircraft noise in the vicinity of airport s. Sales of these drugs, on the other hand, […]

Why is the Starmax F22 Raptor RC Jet So Popular?

By Sophie Hayes If you have been looking at the Starmax F22 Raptor radio controlled jet, I am inclined to think that you are not an absolute beginner when it comes to RC models. Ideally to use this model, you should at the very least be an intermediate pilot. The Starmax F22 Raptor is not […]

How to Find a Gyrocopter For Sale

By Pieter West Having the insight into selling will prove quite essential, if not critical to an excellent experience for both the seller and buyer of a gyrocopter. For pilots with a special love of Gyrocopters, sale price is often not the biggest issue. When you have a gyrocopter for sale you may ask “what […]

Aerospace Contract Electronics Manufacture

By John Routledge The development of wholly digital aircraft control systems has to accommodate interfaces with the `real world’ which is analogue in nature. Microelectronic devices are used in different applications within a digital system. Hybrid microcircuits and input/output (i/o) Application-Specific Integrated Circuits (ICs) are key technologies associated with interfacing to the analogue world. A/D […]

Airport Security Systems

By M James Airport Security Systems have progressed a long way, and there’s a lot more than passport control and metal detectors to help with passenger safety and security. Because of high profile criminal and terrorist activity at several airports, airport security has seen some incredible technological advances to improve the safety and security of […]

Helicopter Flights Feel the Thrill of Flying in a Helicopter

By Kolinkar Perision Do you dream of riding a helicopter? You can realise your dream easily by considering helicopter flights. This helicopter flying experience is full of excitement and thrill that is sure to last for ever. The experience can be accessed by purchasing vouchers with ten months of validity. The vouchers are available online […]

Understanding the Cost of a Private Pilot License

By Frederick Longe The First thing you want to do is understand what the private pilot license is going to cost you. If you have looked around my website you can see that I have an entire section on the Cost of learning to fly and the Private Pilot License Training Cost. I will outline […]

Extended Range Twin Engine Operations ETOPS

By Howard Birch ETOPS is an acronym for extended range twin engine operations and is a set of rules governing the operation of twin engine aircraft at distances greater than one hours flying time in still air from adequate airports. An adequate airport is one equipped to support the diversion of the type of aircraft […]