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Seven Steps That Will Take You on a Great World Cruise

By Kelly Nickless You should pay some close attention to the following steps before you begin packing your bags. If you spend some time doing the planning, your world cruise will definitely be all that you can imagine. Step 1: Consider how much money you have to spend when you think about the cruise. The […]

Is H1N1 Virus Spoiling the Cruising Season? Experts Say Otherwise

By John Mcgough The annual spell of violent storms is over and the weather is ready for sea trips. But rumor has it that H1N1 virus is here to spoil the cruising season. In May, an Australian vessel was denied entry to all of the ports in the Caribbean due to alleged H1N1 contamination. Tests […]

Accidents on Cruise Ships and Commercial Watercraft

By Frank Schumacher Tina remembered her mother telling her from time to time that she would never trust those floating objects that would bring us places, never. But she never believed her, being the adventurous gal that she is, she would go take the risk of riding a motored boat just so she could check […]

European Cruises For Summer 2010

By John E Steele So it is just about time now to start thinking about next summer’s (that’s 2010) European cruise if you want to get the ship, date and cabin of that you want. And, after taking cruises in Baltic, Mediterranean and northern European waters, I have been looking at the necessary requirements for […]

European Cruises Explore This Delightful Continent

By Jason W. Myers Every country in Europe has its own gifts, different languages, cultures and histories, but all of them ancient and all of them fascinating. European cruises encompass visits to many of these countries and it is one of the most delightful ways of exploring this continent. Perhaps the most famous sea for […]

What to See and Do on a New York Cruise Holiday

By Dipika Patel Sailing across the Atlantic to New York could well be the ultimate getaway – and with plenty of companies offering transatlantic cruise holidays, it’s easier to head off on such an adventure than you might think. With a cruise holiday, you get all the fun of being on board a top-class cruise […]

Get Cruising Along Russias Rivers

By Dipika Patel There are many ways of exploring Russia, whether it is by flying from place to place, taking the trans-Siberian railway or using buses or standard trains. However, one method that might have escaped your attention is river cruising, which can be a great way of seeing some of the main highlights of […]

Fethiye Kekova Cruises Some of the Finest Adventures in Turkey

By Adam Costa Many people prefer to begin their cruise from Fethiye and take it all the way to the beautiful city of Olympos; however, if you are pressed for time, you should consider a shorter option that still includes several wonderful highlights: Fethiye Kekova cruises. But first a word of caution: If you do […]

Contemplations on the Pacific

By Derrick Grover I sometimes contemplate on the differences science and engineering have made to our lifestyle compared to say the Polynesian oarsmen. Here we are pampered all day with activities that are not always healthy. I refer of course the ample food that is always served on these cruises. It would be better for […]

Theres Nothing Quite Like a European Cruise

By Susan Roe European cruises are perfectly suitable for all different kinds of travelers and for any kind of purpose. Maybe you would like to have a wedding aboard a cruise ship, or perhaps you are just looking for a unique family holiday with a twist. You will probably be surprised that it is pretty […]