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Chauffeur Hire

By Mohsin A. Luxury vehicles, such as a sedan or limousine, need a person to drive it. A chauffeur is a person who is hired to drive these luxury cars. Earlier, chauffeurs were hired as personal full-time servants to drive the luxury vehicle of the owner. However, now a Chauffeur is hired through chauffeur hire […]

Top Reasons to Use a Airport Limousine Service

By Azfar Khan When you are going to be using the airport to travel from one destination to another it is a good idea to think about using an airport limousine to help you get from the airport to wherever you need to go. There are many reasons why using a limousine from the airport […]

Hire Limos

By Mohsin A. People prefer to buy or rent a car not only for the reason that they are more comfortable than others, but because these cars can make them distinguished from others. Nowadays limos have become a status symbol. May be there is not even one person on earth who does not hear the […]

Limo Hire The Ultimate Way to Celebrate a Special Occasion

By Felicity Lightbody The limousine or Limo for short was originally a status symbol for rich and powerful people in American society, whether they were celebrities, business bosses or even gangsters and two of the most renowned examples of this vehicle were the stretched Lincoln or Cadillac. The Limo is seen by many as the […]

Stag Night Tank Diving

By Roger Smith-Crook Tank Diving Have you ever seen those fantastic army films from days of old and often secretly wish you had signed up for the forces, just to try out their guns, machinery and other ‘toys’? Does a touch of envy creep into your body whenever you see a soldier, either real or […]

Stag Night Pub Crawl

By Roger Smith-Crook Beer; one of the most favourite and popular words in a gentleman’s vocabulary and literally the best thing since sliced bread as they share a lot of the properties that go into their respective recipes. So, any true and discerning Stag Night should have this particular drink heavily involved at many of […]

Seattle Town Car Transportation

By Linka Po Organized ground transportation in Seattle began in 1871 with a wagon with two scheduled trips down what is now called First Avenue. From wagon, Seattle transportation improved into coaches, then streetcars, then cable cars. In 1889, Seattle became one of the first U.S. cities to adapt the electric streetcar, and in the […]

Toronto Airport Taxi Making Your Way Around This Great Destination

By Rob Gill Finding a Toronto Airport taxi is probably your top priority when you’re coming in to the Greater Toronto Area. If you’re like most travelers then you might be thinking that you’ll just hail or call a taxi cab when you arrive at Pearson. That’s definitely not the way to go if you […]

Five Basic Choices For a Limo Rental Get to Know Them

By Wesley Demmeta You may not know this but you have far more choices then you may realize when it comes to hiring a limo. You see, over the years what started out as an extended sedan has grown to include more and more features and choices and you may be amazed at what is […]

Bus Hire Sydney A Convenient Way to Experience Sydney, Australia

By Chris Robertson If you’re planning a visit to Sydney, Australia and want to see and experience all this wonderful city has to offer, you might find touring by bus to be a convenient option. Bus hire in Sydney enables you to see the sights without having to walk or drive to various destinations. You […]