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Fatigue at Sea

By Rashmi Barua “25% of all ships caused 51% of marine accidents and one reason behind these accidents is seafarers’ fatigue”- DNV study reveals. Sailing industry is well acquainted with the increase of seafarers’ fatigue onboard. All shipping personalities and decision makers are well-aware of the damages that fatigue may cause to the life span […]

Boat Construction Why Sailboats Look As They Do

By Jim Murrant The purpose of this article is to give a cursory look at boat construction, not so that you would be able to build one, but to show some of the reasons why sailboats look as they do. Although there is a huge range of designs for boats they are basically the same […]

Where To Go Sailing This Spring Some Old Favorites and a New Guest Dock

By Drew Harper The winter doldrums are past, giving way to the fresh breeze and wildflower covered headlands that signals some of the best sailing this planet sees. The only new guest dock to sail to this year is oddly, here in San Francisco. As part of the rebuild of Piers 1 and 3, a […]

Top 5 Sailing Experiences in Australia

By Karen Cooke Australia is full of wondrous sights, from spectacular beaches, unique wildlife, lush rainforests and winding waterways. Sailing the coastline or waterways are great ways to not only see the country, but to really experience all that is offered. These are our suggestions for the top 5 sailing experiences in Australia: 1. The […]