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Timeshare Questions Can You Give Back a Timeshare Week If You Owe Maintenance Fees?

By Emma Martin It is that time of year again. The first quarter of the new year is when most timeshare maintenance fees come due. This also means that this is the time when owners who are having difficulties keeping up with the maintenance fees wonder what they can do about it. Some owners may […]

Getting the Best Deals With Timeshares

By Danny Ricks Timeshares are definitely among the most sought after types of real property in this modern era. More and more people are having the interest to engage in this matter for varied reasons. Some may want to have these types of real estate property for the needed comfort and convenience. Others engaged into […]

6 Things You Can Do With Timeshares

By Gino Hitshopi Since the 1960s timeshares have rapidly grown in popularity, having been developed in countries in all corners of the globe. The USA currently has most timeshares in the world at 31%, followed by European nations holding 25%. Latin America comes in at 16 percent while Asia come just behind with 15 percent. […]

RCI Timeshare Exchange 3 Easy Tactics to Get the RCI Timeshare Exchange Working For You

By George Robson Are you one of the people that purchased a timeshare after hearing you would be able to exchange your timeshare week really easily? If you are then you can join me and many other timeshare owners. However the reality did not reflect the sales presentation. That was until I discovered some simple […]

All Timeshare Owners Can Now Find Out For Free What Their Property is Worth

By David Heart Do you have a timeshare that you never use? Now, all timeshare owners can find out the exact worth of their property without having to hassle with an inexperience real estate agent who may low-ball your property in order to get a quick commission. Fact: New technology now provides timeshare owners with […]

You Can Now Find Out How Much A Timeshare is Worth For Free at Exclusive Free Services

By David Heart If you have unused timeshare property and you would like to find out how much cash you can pull out of it, you know longer have to waste time talking to real estate agents. Now, thanks to technology, there are services that will let you know how much your timeshare is worth […]

The Timeshare Trap How the Timeshare Industry Works

By Kris Roadruck What you see: Free tickets to Disneyland (or a show, or a cruise, or some other attractive bait) for listening to a two hour sales pitch on a timeshare. Only it might not be called a timeshare. It might be a vacation resort package, or a resort condominium, or a deeded unit, […]

Timeshare Selling Tips

By Jonathan Gibbs Timeshare owners buy timeshares for many reasons. Some are hoping to use it as a yearly vacation spot for their family. Others simply see it as a bargain and an alternative to a hotel room. Whatever the reason, they soon find that years go by and they have yet to use their […]

Timeshare Rentals Are Perfect For Ultimate Relaxation

By Charles M Joseph Timeshare rentals have been redefined now that options are limitless, advantages are plenty, and the experiences are of a lifetime. Timeshare rentals allow you to vacation in a condo like atmosphere with many amenities and comforts of home. Depending on the number of people in your party you can find a […]

Marriott Timeshares Why Marriott Timeshares Are a Great Investment

By Caleb Liu Marriott hotels have one of the best reputations in the travel industry due to their dedication to quality service and clean rooms. Travelers know that regardless of their destination they can’t go wrong staying at a Marriott hotel. Now that they have expanded into the timeshare market there is no reason to […]