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Self Publish? Or Use a Publishing House?

By Ken McFarland Should I self-publish my book–or send it to a publishing house? What are the pros and cons of self-publishing, compared with submitting a manuscript to a traditional “for royalty” publishing house? Consider the following: Using a Publishing House:┬áThe Pros The biggest plus for you as an author, if your book is published […]

Nonfiction Book Marketing Banner Ads on Email Industry Newsletters and Electronic Trade Journals

By Lance Winslow Marketing a nonfiction book is not totally difficult, but marketing it well surely is. In other words, if the topic is industry specific, there will be folks interested in reading it, especially if you are an expert (a real expert) in the field. Of course, getting them to buy it, well that’s […]

Are You a Book Author? Create Your Own Marketing Plan

By Harriet Hodgson Publishers are struggling these days. Your publisher may cut back on publicity to save money. What can you do to boost sales? I created my own marketing plan. Years ago, I worked for a software company and was a writer in the marketing department. When I created my marketing plan I drew […]

Book Marketing Questions to Ask Before You Write Your Book

By Nickolove Lovemore Deciding to write a book can be a big decision. Just getting the main content of your book is a major task in itself. However, writing your book is one thing, selling your book is another. You need to have a very clear book marketing plan from the outset especially if you […]

Book Marketing The Importance of Selecting a Great Book Title

By Nickolove Lovemore Choosing the right title for your book can make a huge difference when it comes to marketing and selling your book. It’s far easier to sell a book with a great title – even a poorly written book – than it is to sell a great book with a poor title. Generally, […]

Launching an Original Idea Avoid Story based Cliches

By Patrick Davis Thousands of screenplay writers from all over America submit their stories with hopes that their work will be material for the big screen. But many are rejected because of various reasons, one of which is due to “story-based” cliches. With that, one of Southern California’s entertainment reporters voiced over the air that […]

A Marketing Neophyte Meets the World (Wide Web, That Is)

By Margay Justice I have a confession to make: I am a marketing neophyte. I have no idea what I’m doing; I’m just making it up as I go along. Sales pitch? What is that? Self-promotion? Somebody hold my hand or better yet, do it for me. I don’t know how to self-promote. I certainly […]

Increase Sales of Your Book by Choosing a Title That Positions it Relative to the Competition

By Roger C. Parker A successful book title does more than just sell your book by describing the change–or benefit–it offers. The best book titles create lasting brands for their authors. These brands ensure years of healthy sales, while helping authors sell future books and creating a brand for the author’s business. Book titles, thus, […]

Book Publishing Dont Get Caught Paying Too Much For Your Books

By Cheryl Pickett If you do even a brief search about publishing a book, it is highly likely you’ll pull up one or more POD publishers (also referred to as “self-publishing companies). You may also find these companies attractive initially because they appear to make the process simple, especially for new authors. However, most of […]

3 Easy Ways to Get Your Book Noticed on the Internet

By Nancy Hendrickson In the three years that I’ve been working with authors and entrepreneurs, I’ve discovered that the majority of them think that marketing their books is an expensive proposition – – particularly when it comes to selling on the Internet. In fact, spending a lot of money on pay-per-click or advertising doesn’t always […]