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Copywriting Secrets From Michael Buble

By Scott Bywater Recently, on the suggestion of my wife and a friend of hers I was ‘dragged along’ to a Michael Buble concert. Well, actually… I bought the tickets. But only because I love my wife so much – and knew she’d be thrilled. Anyway, the concert was scheduled for a Saturday night on […]

Copywriting, the Fundamental Skill For Any Online Business

By Ivan Juras For years was I overwhelmed with the information on how to make money online; I was bombarded with money making opportunities like fast money schemes, MLM pyramids and all kinds of stuff that just didn’t work. But what I didn’t realize was that the fundamental skill for any online business was, and […]

3 Powerful Ways Freelance Writers Can Bolster Your Holiday Sales

By Grace Chenn Despite the economic uncertainties, companies that utilize freelance writers in their holiday marketing campaigns can still enjoy a bottom line in the black. Hiring freelance writers to compose your creative copy, valuable newsletters, and compelling sales campaigns can bring holiday cheer to your registers – even while other retailers are floundering. How […]

4 Step Formula to Writing Copy That Sells

By Tom Duong Do you also believe copywriters are gifted? Well, a lot of people do think so, believing that it takes tremendous talent in order to write great selling articles and advertisements. Do you sometimes wish you also had this gift? Am I wrong to assume your answer is “yes” to at least one […]

Key Facts You Should Know About Sales and Advertising Letters

By Jean Taylor Sales and advertising letters are powerful tools, when used wisely and with purpose. They are particularly important to the owners and managers of small businesses who realize that they cannot compete with the marketing and advertising campaign of large corporations and chains. From the standpoint of correspondence, letters in this category, which […]

6 Useful Tips For Writing Good Ad Copy

By Sue Waddington I started out as a copywriter, so you may be surprised to hear me say that I don’t think you need to pay someone a fortune to write your ads for you. In fact, I believe writing a good, effective advertisement that gets results is really not that difficult. The real secret […]

The Secrets For Fast Profitable Copywriting

By D Watson Many people consider that writing copy for the web is difficult and best left to the professionals. With a little common sense, anyone can easily write compelling salescopy. All you need to do to produce good copy is follow a few simple rules. Here are some suggestions to help improve your salescopy. […]

How to Use Sales Letters to Move Your Product Or Service Out the Door

By Joshua Black Sales letters are just selling in print. You can use them on-line or through the mail. Any service can be sold using a sales letter and you are using the power of multiplying your efforts to reach many more people than you could if you talked to one at a time personally. […]

Article Writing A Great Opportunity For Freelance Writers

By Sean R Mize As content remains to be the king in the online arena, ebusiness owners are trying all their might to offer their prospective buyers with quality information by distributing articles online. However, not all of these people have the writing skills nor the time to create their own copies. If you have […]

Outsourcing Article Writing Step By Step Guide in Outsourcing Your Articles

By Sean R Mize 1. First, do your research and identify the best freelancing sites in the online arena today. They must be trustworthy, they must offer an escrow feature for your protection, and they must have certain safety measures to ensure that you will not be scammed by their providers. 2. Register a buyer’s […]