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The One Fear That Refuses to Go Away Public Speaking

By Simm Berings Is there anyone who has not felt some degree of anxiety, if not actual fear, upon being advised that they will be required to make a public speech? Communication anxiety, also known as speech apprehension or anxiety is common to everyone. Even professional keynote and after-dinner speakers, of many years experience, will […]

How Professional Speakers Should Be Using Social Media 4 Tips

By Tracy Kennard 1. Get involved on LinkedIn. Join groups that are applicable to what your content is or who your target audience is. Monitor the discussions and provide answers or suggestions to their questions. Pose questions of your own to encourage conversation. Your postings will eventually set you apart as an expert on that […]

Introductory Speech

By Pavan M Kumar Whenever you join a new company, you will be called to meet people of that company at an organized venue where your new company conducts a program to introduce newcomers to every employee of the company. It is a customary practice periodically implemented by companies across the world. And from strategic […]

Basics of Public Speaking How to Overcome the Fear

By David Gasser Speaking in public can be the worst experience for many if they go unprepared for what they have to accomplish. There are several ways to decrease this fear. The first and most important is being prepared and researching your topic as much as possible. Know yourself as well, you know what you […]

Worried About a Heckler?

By Lawrence G Bernstein Bessie Braddock: “Winston, you are drunk, and what’s more, you are disgustingly drunk.” Churchill: “Bessie, my dear, you are ugly, and what’s more, you are disgustingly ugly. And tomorrow morning at least I shall be sober.” It never ceases to surprise me how often my clients ask me what to do […]

Are You Ready to End Your Chronic Hoarseness Or Persistent Sore Throat?

By Nancy Daniels If you suffer from chronic hoarseness and are not sick, then you are likely in the throes of vocal abuse. While it is possible that certain antihistamines or other types of medications can produce irritation in your throat, for many people, prescribed drugs are not the cause. Vocal abuse is. These same […]

Directing Voiceovers Dont Be, Do!

By Peter Drew Directing a voice-over talent you’ve hired to read a spot for, say, dog food is pretty much the same as directing a great actor in a scene in a major film production. Well, almost the same. Go with me here. It’s all about action. The end result of the performers action in […]

How to Master the Art of Public Speaking Tips For Boosting Your Confidence

By Roland Poitevin Even the most introverted people have now understood that it is extremely important to be able to convey their thoughts in a more confident manner. This has become increasingly important owing to the impetus laid on public speaking. People in almost every occupation have to deal with clients and stakeholders. This necessitates […]

Get a Better Speaking Voice Deeper, Richer, Clearer And Make People Listen

By Andy Follin Great speakers have great voices. It’s a simple statement, but true. If you have a voice that makes people want to listen, they’ll listen. If you have a voice that turns people off, it doesn’t matter what you have to say. 75% of people don’t like the sound of their own voice, […]

Public Speaking Four Types of Words to Avoid When Speaking

By Gilda Bonanno When you’ve giving a presentation, your words can affect your ability to communicate your message to your audience. If you want to be a more effective presenter, avoid these four types of words: FILLER WORDS Filler words are words such as “um,” “ah,” “like,” “so,” and “ok,” which are used as verbal […]