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Understanding the Audience For a Technical Writing Project Essential

By Lance Winslow Probably the most important thing in technical writing is making sure you understand the audience. And if you have more than one type of audience, you need to gear your technical writing to cover both sets of readers. One way to do this is to have the first chapter or section that […]

Make Money Writing Technical Materials

By Craig H Many writers struggle to combine their passion for words with making a living. They work hard on pouring their souls onto the written page, only to see little monetary reward for their work. It’s a hard life. However, by combining those literary skills with some technical research, they can turn their passion […]

Technical Writing Regulatory Writing A Lucrative Writing Niche For Medical Writers

By Ugur Akinci Medical writing is a special subset of technical writing that requires familiarity with medical and pharmaceutical terminology. It is the perfect writing niche for writers with a medical, chemistry and/or pharmacology background. And within the medical writing subset, regulatory writing is another specialty that pays very well since your employers are usually […]

Technical Writing 4 Advantages of Hiring a Freelance Technical Writer

By Ugur Akinci I’ve been in writing-publishing business for over 20 years and technical writing business for over 10 years at this writing.   So with great honesty I can make the following generalization: most of the technical writers on a corporate payroll will end up making more money over their entire careers than most […]

Technical Writing A Few Time Tested Methods to Improve Your Email Communication Skills Right Away

By Ugur Akinci Technical writers send and receive a lot of emails as a part of their daily work. Here are some time-tested methods that might help you communicate better and more efficiently with your technical documentation team. The first rule, which is also the most important: never ever write anything that you’ll regret later […]

Top 5 Technical Writing Skills That Pay Big

By Mathieu Delaborde A technical writer is a professional writer who designs, writes, creates, maintains and updates technical documentation including online help, user guidance, white papers, design specifications, system manuals and other documents. A technical writer’s key undertaking is to come up/write technical documentation for technical, business and consumer audiences. Technical writing can be on […]

Technical Writing How to Set Your Page Options For a Microsoft Word Document Template? (2)

By Ugur Akinci We are continuing with our article series on how to set up a technical document template by using Microsoft Word, the world’s most frequently used word processor and page layout editor. While your document template is open, select File > Page Setup to display the Page Setup dialog box. Click and select […]